Who We Are

The Future


Pogo is located on state land in the upper Goodpaster River Valley, about 38 miles northeast of Delta Junction and 85 miles east-southeast of Fairbanks, Alaska. The mine runs year round, 24-hours per day. Because our work site is so remote, Pogo is a camp operation. When employees go to work, they are there for multi-day shifts before they go home again. In many ways, Pogo’s operations are like that of a small city. In addition to the actual gold mining and ore processing, we also provide housing, food, water treatment, emergency medical care, a full-service fire department, and more at the mine site.


The Pogo deposit was discovered during exploration of an area with minimal mining history. Gold, arsenic, bismuth and tungsten were found in geologic samples taken from Pogo and Liese Creeks during a regional mineral potential evaluation in 1981. Claims were staked in these areas in 1991 and, by the late 1990s, drilling confirmed that the Pogo site contained major gold deposits. Soon thereafter, the extensive multi-year permitting process began and in January of 2005 underground mine development began, resulting in the first gold pour in February of 2006. Today, the deposit has yielded more than 3 million ounces of gold.


Pogo has more than 300 full-time, year-round employees and roughly 150 full-time contractors. Not only do our employees work hard on the job, but they also work hard to be good neighbors in the local community. Our 9-person management team boasts strong Alaska credentials – on average, they’ve spent 23 years in Alaska and 24 years in mining. Our employees have a well-earned reputation for being community oriented, charitable and good citizens. We pride ourselves in our positive work culture and are happy to call our employees “family.”


Pogo is owned and operated by Sumitomo Metal Mining Pogo LLC, a joint venture between Sumitomo Metal Mining Co., Ltd (SMM) and Sumitomo Corporation. SMM’s corporate mission is to support shareholders, clients, local communities, employees and everyone else around the world in their endeavors to achieve economic and spiritual prosperity and realize their dreams through our sound business activities. SMM owns 85% of Pogo Mine while Sumitomo Corporation owns 15%. .


Pogo’s current mine life extends through 2020, but extensive exploration efforts are underway to identify additional ore reserves. Our mine site shows five known deposits: Liese Zone, North Zone, East Deep, South Pogo, and 4021. The extent of these deposits is not clearly defined, creating the possibility to extend the life of the mine. Pogo has a robust exploration program and the technical services team is working hard to ensure that Pogo will operate for many years into the future.