Our Community


Pogo believes in the need to develop strong, long-lasting relationships in the local communities where we operate. Those relationships need to be built on trust and respect, and that means we encourage and value open communications with both community leaders and local residents.

We know the importance of becoming an integral part of the local community and work to make a difference in the local and regional economies by buying from local businesses and hiring qualified local residents for jobs when possible.

We also demonstrate our support for the local community by donating funds to local non-profit groups and showing we care about families by investing in local schools and school programs. We actively encourage our employees to get involved by volunteering their time with local groups and charitable organizations, because volunteers are the backbone of every vital community group. Recent examples of employee involvement in the community include ranking as the top fundraiser for the Heart Walk and raising more than $70,000 for the local United Way Campaign.

We look at our relationships with local communities as a two-way street: a respectful, stable relationship helps us each to prosper and succeed, and the community can offer a better quality of life for everyone.

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