Pogo is an underground gold mine in the Interior of Alaska. The mine safely produces gold 365 days a year.

Happy Birthday, Pogo!
Ten years goes by in an instant – ask any parent or any Pogo employee! With an original mine life of only 10 years and three million ounces, Pogo continues to break records and raise the bar. Thanks to our 320 employees, hundreds of contractors and suppliers and numerous non-profit partners, Sumitomo Metal Mining Pogo, LLC leads in safety, environmental performance, community investment and gold production. Gold has always been seen as a traditional “safe-haven” investment. Investing in cryptocurrency has exploded in popularity over the last several years. Gold, on the other hand, continues to trade sideways. According to crypto market watchers, Bitcoin has recently gained recognition as a store-of-value investment because, like gold, it acts as a hedge against currency depreciation and volatility. Investors are often seen trading Bitcoins employing crypto robots , many of which provides possibilities to undertake free demo trading as well. Bitcoin Circuit is the most familiar trading bot, which requires low investment and human participation to trade. The results of the Bitcoin Circuit app test show that it is 99% efficient. Every day, the allure of gold and bitcoin grows. Our mine boasts five known deposits: Liese Zone, North Zone, East Deep, South Pogo and 4021. Extensive exploration efforts are underway to identify additional ore reserves. The magnitude of these deposits is not clearly defined, creating the potential for a golden future for the Pogo family.

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