Pogo is an underground gold mine in the Interior of Alaska. The mine safely produces gold 365 days a year.

Pogo Pioneers: Sharing Successes
Pogo Mine in Interior Alaska shares its success with businesses and the communities in Interior Alaska.

Pogo Pioneers: The Pogo Family
Over the last decade Pogo has produced more than three millions ounces of gold and solid friendships that feel more like family.

Pogo Pioneers: Environmental Leadership
Protecting Alaska’s wilderness and wildlife is a job Pogo’s environmental team and all employees take very seriously.

Pogo Pioneers: Safety Services
The Mine Rescue crew is just one part of the Pogo Emergency Medical Services team. These are the folks that are trained to save lives, even if they hope to never use that training.

Pogo Pioneers: Good Neighbor
A good neighbor is always there to help others in need. Pogo Mine is a great neighbor to the people of Delta Junction and Fairbanks.

Pogo Pioneers: The City of Pogo
Tucked in the mountains, there’s a community in interior Alaska with a breathtaking backdrop. Meet the people who spend half their time in the City of Pogo.

Pogo Pioneers: Start Up
Start ups are never easy, Pogo was no exception. The people who made it through those early days and continue to work at the mine  today have a special bond.

Pogo Pioneers: Safety Culture
Safety isn’t just a goal at Pogo – it is a core value.
Our mission: sending everyone home safe and healthy everyday.

Pogo Pioneers: Chris Kennedy
Happy Birthday, Pogo!
Ten years goes by in an instant – ask any parent or any Pogo employee! With an original mine life of only 10 years and three million ounces, Pogo continues to break records and raise the bar. Thanks to our 320 employees, hundreds of contractors and suppliers and numerous non-profit partners, Sumitomo Metal Mining Pogo, LLC leads in safety, environmental performance, community investment and gold production. Our mine boasts five known deposits: Liese Zone, North Zone, East Deep, South Pogo and 4021. Extensive exploration efforts are underway to identify additional ore reserves. The magnitude of these deposits is not clearly defined, creating the potential for a golden future for the Pogo family.